Hydromorphological characterization of several river sections of the Community of Madrid

The aim of this pilot experiment is to evaluate a protocol recently published, which improves the analysis of the ecological state of a river from a hydromorphological point of view. Our project would try to check if this protocol is possible to be applied in Madrid region (Spain) rivers and analyse the results that it provides.

In order to do so, a group of schools distributed in different river basins will be selected to carry out the pilot experiment at several points, from head to bottom of the river, where it is assumed that a gradient of degradation will occur. In each of the points chosen, different groups of students will determine the three elements of hydromorphological quality in which the work is divided: hydrological regime, continuity of the river and morphological conditions.

At the beginning of the project, awareness-raising activities will be carried out, highlighting the importance of maintaining the morphological and hydrological diversity in a river to conserve an adequate environmental status and its bio-diversity.

If your school is located in Madrid and either it is near a river or there is not any difficulty in getting to one, we are eager to know your school and students and, on top of that, to start working together!

Screenshot of an introductory video about managing flood risk