Analysing the opportunities offered by school environments

Are the lightning, temperature and sound of your classroom suitable for your learning process? is one of the main questions to be answered within one of the initiatives proposed within the BRITEC project to be taken in Madrid.

During the development of this project, students will determine the level of lightning, temperature and sound of their classrooms by using free apps, which can be easily downloaded by mobile phones or tablets.

As a result, students will be able to develop graphs and determine areas of lightning, temperature and sound within their classroom, as well as contrast their measurements with those obtained by more technical instruments in order to check the relative error made by their electronic devices.

In the end, all the data collected during the research could be share among the educational community to inform about the current situation of these places and the recommended standards for students as usual users of these facilities.

Do our classrooms fulfil the requirements stablished? Stick with us for further information!

Photo of the Physics Toolbox Sensor Suite app, which could be used to measure the physical magnitudes mentioned.