Pedagogical Advisory Board

The BRITEC Pedagogical Advisory Board consists of three Scientix Ambassadors from countries other than the four parnters counitres,  with an interest in Citizen Science and innovative pedagogical approaches for teaching science. These members are:

  1. Anita Simac from Croatia,
  2. Franca Sormani from Italy,
  3. Alexia Micaleff Gatt from Malta.

The BRITEC PAB  will be participating  in BRITEC for the full duration of the project, playing an instrumental role in assesing the quality of the project’s pedagogical outputs and in providing feedback on their international transferability.

The tasks of BRITEC PAB include:

  • Active participation in online meetings organised every 6 months, to discuss the BRITEC Intellectual Outputs.
  • Reviewing and providing feedback on the pedagogical aspects and international transferability of the BRITEC Intellectual Outputs. Make recommendations on how project activities should be improved.
  • Supporting the dissemination of the BRITEC project activities and results.
  • Reporting on the activities carried out as members of the BRITEC project and the time spent.
  • The BRITEC PAB members may also be invited to contribute to other ad-hoc project tasks, such as, but not limited to:

Collect information on good practices in Citizen Science from the national and international level, as requested by project partners.

Contributions to the BRITEC Massive Open Online Course, by moderating course communities, running live events, curating course content, etc.