Citizen Science Toolkit

BRITEC Citizen Science Toolkit (7 downloads)

Citizen Science Toolkit

The toolkit contains examples of various IT tools, which could be used during the whole cycle of the creation and implementation of Citizen Science initiatives. It provides suggestions of tools for each step of a Citizen Science project: co-creation (6 tools: Padlet, Google Doc, Quip, Trello, Dropbox paper,, data collection (9 tools: Science Journal, GeoODK, ODK Collect, Natura Alert, Coreo, Androsensor, Scikit-Image, WQ Platform, Cybertracker), data transfer (10 tools: WeTransfer, Dropbox, Google Drive, FileZilla, Firefox Send, Smash, Google Forms, SendSpace, Nextcloud, Box), data analysis (15 tools: SOFA Statistics, Gretl, JASP, OpenRefine, PYBOSSA, R-Studion, Anaconda, GNU PSPP, SPOTTERON, Jupyter, Spyder, Pandas, SPSS Modeler, Datawrapper, Raw graphs), presentation of results (7 tools: Timeline, Datamatic, Google Charts, ChartBlocks, Highcharts, Google Data Studio, Tableau Public), sharing information (4 tools: Mural, Elium, Slack, Nuclino) and communication (8 tools: Basecamp, Google Hangouts, Chanty, Rocket.Chat, Zotero, Mendeley, Slack, Microsof Teams).

Additionally, reflections on how to address research ethics and what are the roles and responsibilities of the actors involved in these types of projects are also included as part of the report.

Finally, some examples of useful sources and CS networking platforms developed under various Horizon 2020 projects relevant for this purpose are given, in case further information is needed.

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